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The Lutron DW-6093 Power Analyser is an economical solution to the majority of straight forward power quality issues. It is easy to operate and has a clear multidata display for results. The system comes complete with 3 clamps, 4 test leads and alligator clips and a 2G SD card with carry bag. Data which is saved can be transferred on the SD card directly into a PC with excel spread sheets, for analysis, or we can supply the SW-U801-WIN PC software and USB interface cable to look at the data directly on the PC.

Analysis for 3 phase multi power systems 1P/2W, 1P/3W, 3P/3W and 3P/4W
Current clamps 20/200/1200 amps - optional current clamps can be matched with DW6093 to 3000amps
Voltage 10-600V
IEC1010, CAT III 600V
Measures Real Power, Power Factor, Phase Angle, Volts, Amps, Frequency
Measures Reactive and Apparent power *Data Logging on 2G SD card for 2-7200 seconds intervals *Real Time Clock
SD card stores data blocks of 30000 lines with 9 data per line

The DW-6093 model is the same functionally as the earlier Lutron DW-6092, except it has parameters for connecting third party or optional clamps such as the Lutron CP-3000 flexible series

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