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About the business

From TFA Dostmann, the 35.1075 NEXUS weather station is a fantastic priced unit that comes complete with all the main sensors that any weather enthusiast would want to use for monitoring weather conditions.


Measure units: °C or °F
Indoor range: from – 9.9 °C to + 60 °C
Outdoor range : from – 40 °C to + 80 °C
Resolution : 0.1 °C
Indoor reading approx every 10 seconds
Outdoor reading approx every 47 seconds


Measure unit : % RH
Indoor range : from 0 % to 99 %
Outdoor range: from 0 % to 99 %
Resolution : 1%
Accuracy : +/- 3 % when temperature > – 10 °C and < + 40 °C and +/-5 % outside these ranges
Indoor reading approx every 10 seconds
Outdoor reading approx every 47 seconds
Swiss high definition sensor

Atmospheric Pressure

Measure units : mBar / hPa or mmHg or inHg
Range for barometric pressure (from 500 hPa to 1100 hPa)
Barometric air pressure history bargraph showing last 24hrs
Last 24 days history available on screen
Sea level adjustment setting


Measure units : km/h, m/s, knots, mph
Range : from 0 to 199 mph (or from 1 to 49.9 m/s)
Wind direction displayed on a 360 degree compass
Wind gust/speed update interval every 33 seconds
Wind gust/speed sampling interval every 11 seconds


Windchill based on temperature at anemometer


Choice of precipitation display: over 1 hour, 24 hours, last day, last week, last month
Measure units : mm or inch
Range : from 0 to 1999.9 mm (over 1 or 24 hours)
And from 0 to 19999 mm (on the total rain volume)


Displayed with various weather graphics
Pressure trend indication display

Dew point

Dew point display

Moon phases

Display of the 12 phases of the moon

Sunrise & sunset

Display of rise / set times
Choose from one of 133 cities stored in the memory to display permanently the rise / set times of the sun in these cities.
Manual selection of geographic position if none of the above cities are near you, using longitude, latitude and time zone.
A search function allows times to be view for sun rise and sun set on any given day in the future


Single alarm
Weekday alarm activated everyday from Mon-Fri at specified time
Frost alarm can be activated 30 mins before weekday alarm if channel 1 drops below +2 �C
Programmable snooze alarm (1-15 minutes)
Wind speed and wind gust alarm
Rainfall alert if current day exceeds pre-specified amount
Temperature alarm (high and low)

Data Logging

Computer connection included
Delivered with setup CD-ROM (in French, English and German) and 2 metre USBcable
Data gathering time interval of the station can be adjusted from 5, 10, 20, 30 min or 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 24 hours
Data is downloaded to the computer, from which it is possible to use the data and design graphs
Possible storage of 3300 sets of data
Minimum system requirement for use of this
Operating system : Windows 98 or above
RAM : 32 MB of RAM or above
Hard-disk : 20 MB free space
CD Rom drive


Clock automatically radio-controlled with Atomic clock
Quartz clock with manual setting override function
Display 12 or 24 hours
Time zone : +/- 12 hours
Calendar with day / date / month display

LCD Backlight

Light sensor to automatically toggle backlight when natural light is low (can be manually overridden on or off

LED Backlight

Screen with 21 touch area
Interactive display with 32 character of text message for instant weather information


Base station: L 220 x H 165 x D 32 mm
Thermo/hygro transmitter: L 55.5 x H 101 x D 24 mm
Rain meter: L 163 x H 177 x D 160 mm
Anemometer: L 405 x H 375 x D 160 mm


Base station: 4 x AA batteries
Thermo/Hygro: 2 x AA batteries
Anemometer: 2 x AA batteries
Rain gauge: 2 x AA batteries

Delivered With

1 x Base station
1 x Thermo/Hygo sensor
1 x Anemometer
1 x Rain gauge
10 x AA batteries

Other Information

Can take up to 4 additional temp/humid sensors (Not Included)
Wireless Transmission at 433 MHz : 100 metres (open field)
Swiss high definition sensor

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